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Discover Unforgettable Experiences at UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge!

Welcome to our Arrowhead Adventures Program, where we combine the breathtaking mountain scenery with engaging team-building activities designed to strengthen connections and foster success.

Bring your family or group together with an Arrowhead Adventure you'll be sure to remember.

About Arrowhead Adventures

At the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge, we take pride in serving diverse groups from around the world, each with unique objectives and agendas. Recognizing that the foundation of any successful business, operation, or team lies in robust interpersonal connections, we introduce Arrowhead Adventures – Team Building & More!

Elevate Your Team's Dynamics

Our facilitator-led, fun, and stimulating activities are crafted for all ages and abilities. From problem-solving challenges to fostering teamwork and individual commitment, each activity is an optional “add-on” that enhances your group’s conference experience.

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Arrowhead Adventures offers a wide variety of activities for both leisure guests and groups.

Customizable Programs

Our conference coordinators collaborate with you to tailor a program that aligns with the specific goals of your conference. Alternatively, you can choose from our list of diverse activities to create a personalized experience. Prices vary based on the selected program and group size.

Ready to embark on an adventure that transforms your team dynamics? For information on current rates, availability, and to book one of our Arrowhead Adventure Programs, please contact us at:

Phone: (909) 336-7050
Email: aturner@ha.ucla.edu

Elevate your team’s potential with us!