Embark on a Journey of Personal Bliss with Tailored Recreational Escapes

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Lake Arrowhead and partake in a spectrum of recreational pursuits meticulously crafted for solo adventurers or small groups. At the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge, our offerings cater to your unique pace, allowing you to play at your leisure and create a retreat that perfectly aligns with your preferences.

Elevate your guest experience at UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge with an adventure you'll remember long after you're back down the mountain.

Included Activities (included with your Resort Fee):

Self-Guided Hiking, Swimming Pool, Indoor Hot Tub, Fitness Center, Putting Green, Board Games, Tennis, Pickleball, Volleyball, Shuffleboard, Lawn Games & Softball Field

Supplemental Activities (additional Fees Required):

In addition to these offerings, you can further enhance your stay with supplemental activities, each designed to elevate your experience. Please note that fees are required for these activities:

  • Mountain Bike Rentals (hardtail suspension): $50.00 per bike/per day
  • Private Yoga (60 Min Session): $150.00 Flat Fee
  • Sound Bath (60 Min Session): $250.00 Flat Fee (groups up to 30 participants)
  • Guided Mountain Bike Tour (120 Min Event): $215.00 Flat Fee (groups up to 6 – $35.00 per person for additional participants)
  • Popup Picnic in the Woods: $250.00 (2 people + $50.00 for each additional person)
  • Customizable Mindfulness Session with Wellness Coach (60 Min Session): $250.00 Flat Fee
  • Facilitated Game Night (90 to 120 Min Event): $350.00 Flat Fee
  • Family Scavenger Hunt (65 Min Event): $350.00 Flat Fee (groups up to 15)
  • Guided Hiking (120 Min Hike): $350.00 Flat Fee (groups of 2-6)
  • Craft Chocolate Tasting & Education (90 Min Event): $350.00 Flat Fee (groups up to 10)
  • Private Campfire Experience at Frontier Village or Grey Oak Campground (8pm-10pm): $550.00 Flat Fee
  • Mixology Course (90 Min Event – min of 10 people paid to book): $70.00 per person
  • Medieval Spiced Wine Course (90 Min Event – min of 10 people paid to book): $70.00 per person
Guests can book exciting adventures like yoga, guided meditation sessions, cooking and craft cocktail workshops, arts & crafts and much more.

Elevate your getaway with bespoke experiences

Designed just for you or your intimate circle, Arrowhead Adventures will help build a collection of memories that will endure for a lifetime.

Contact Us for More Information:

Phone: (909) 336-7050
Email: aturner@ha.ucla.edu

Savor personalized adventures and transform your solitary or small-group retreat at the UCLA Lake Arrowhead Lodge into an extraordinary and unforgettable experience!