Cardio Hill Walk

Fun Facts

Distance: .82 miles

Estimated Time (without stops): 20 minutes

Estimated Time (with stops/photos): 30 minutes

Elevation Gain: 148 Feet (5,059 min / 5,197 max)

Estimated Calorie Burn: 90 calories


  • Start at Main Lodge front door, turn left to walk along the front lawn path and make your way up Cardio Hill.
  • Take Frontier Village walking path and walk thru Frontier Village (optional or you can stay on the main path).
  • Take path past the Tree House and turn left at paved road, passing the ballfield which will be on your right.
  • Take back of ballfield path, keeping the field on your right side, all the way past Geneva House (on the left) and arrive at the Zen Deck.
  • Follow path down past the Zen Deck to the Amphitheater to cross the wooden bridge, keeping the Amphitheater on your right.
  • When you reach the paved path turn left and make your way down Cardio Hill, continuing back to the Main Lodge front door.