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Marker #12: Property Map
History of the Lake Arrowhead Community in the San Bernardino Mountain Range

Bruin Woods was founded in 1985 to serve as a fun retreat where UCLA Alumni could reconnect with their alma mater and introduce their families to our beloved traditions. UCLA Faculty and their families were actually the first-ever Bruin Woods guests, visiting the new facility during the conference season to help ensure that accommodations and activities would be a success. These happy test subjects appeared in Bruin Woods’ earliest marketing materials.

Our first student staffers also tackled all the on-prop-erty jobs: They were camp counselors, dining staff, groundskeepers, housekeepers, and lodge keepers. In fact, they even constructed our amphitheater!

You can reach that landmark and more, including the Zen Deck, by heading straight up Cardio Hill; enjoy the rest of your explorations and thanks for joining our tour!