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Marker #11: Condolets
History of the Lake Arrowhead Community in the San Bernardino Mountain Range

Between 1994 and 1996, another round of site improvements were made. A two-story addition to the Main Lodge’s south side was constructed to enclose the stone chimney. Most notably, five of the cottages that were on the site from the North Shore Tavern era – Violet, Manzanita, Cypress, and Oak from 1922 and Pine from 1930 — were demolished and replaced with new, two story Condolets with the same names and also designed by Hersberger & Denker Associates.

Among the other projects were the removal of the 1948 rectangular pool and installation of a new biomorphic shaped pool, and the construction of four new Condolets. In 2007, the 1948 pool house to the south east of the pool was demolished and a new Arts & Crafts building was built in its place with a larger footprint.

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