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Marker #1: Lake Arrowhead
History of the Lake Arrowhead Community in the San Bernardino Mountain Range
Welcome to the Lake Arrowhead History Walk!

We begin our tour here on the Point. In the early 1920s, Lake Arrowhead was a resort for Hollywood’s rich and famous, and the North Shore Tavern (our present day Main Lodge) a clandestine destination for Prohibition dodgers. In those days, there were no roads leading to the north shore of the lake, so the Tavern could only be reached by those who braved a boat trip from Lake Arrowhead Village.

The first timber vehicular bridge was constructed on this spot in 1922; it was replaced in 1937 in the same location with rock and concrete buttresses, steel I-beam girders and wood decking. Apart from a 2010 refurbishment, that is the same bridge you are standing on today.

Continue your walk along the split-rail fence to Marker #2 which will give information on our beautiful lake!