Audio Visual Services

Impressive Tools Paired with Friendly Service

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the convenience of our comprehensive selection of audio visual tools and services. We have everything stored on-property to make your meeting effortless — projectors and mics to elevate presentations, easels for poster sessions, video conferencing services and, of course, complimentary Wi-Fi. With so many tools at our disposal, we also have trained staff to assist with every step of set-up and troubleshoot any unlikely issues that may arise. Take a look at what we offer as part of our Complete Meeting Package — you’ll be pleased that you don’t need to do any meeting room prep at all!
For groups of over 40 people, we recommend a video projector and a seven-foot screen to display guests’ provided graphics as necessary.
For an additional fee, we can arrange video conferencing for your meetings.
The Center offers sound capabilities as needed according to room size. Several of our main meeting rooms have built-in sound systems. Wireless lapel and handheld microphones are also available. A panel microphone system with moderator override is available in our largest meeting room.
Wireless presenters and laser pointers may be checked out by the conference organizer at the Front Desk.
There are two assistive listening devices available for use in meeting rooms for those conferees that may be hearing impaired.
These are available on request for use in meetings or for social events.
DVD and Blu-Ray players are available for conference use. Several screen sizes ensure clear visibility for the entire group.
Complimentary Wi-Fi is available throughout the property, including all meeting rooms.
With many easels in the lodge inventory, poster sessions are easily facilitated. Flipcharts, paper, and markers are always provided on the easels.
All easels at the lodge are reversible to white boards. We also provide dry erase markers and erasers.
Available for lecturers, some podiums are equipped with a microphone and light.